Tucked my muffin top into my jeans while I drove, squeezing into jeans that I claimed the dryer shrunk, and seeing my self in pictures different than I thought I looked in person. I was too tired, out of time, and darn sure had tried things before…so WHAT FINALLY WORKED?

I took my own advice. I figured I should find a mentor that could do something way tougher than lose a few pounds…I found a bodybuilder! Someone who would think losing 35 lbs would be a walk in the park. Not just another commercial selling me stuff that would end up in my junk drawer or broom closet in less than a month. Someone that would actually hold my hand, keep me accountable and encouraged, and that could PROVE RESULTS!
Cue Daniel! My gym hero! This huge intimidating guy looks like a bronze statue of something other worldly — and he’s just human! Full of encouragement, drives you with tons of emotions, and isn’t in the least bit scary! He WANTS you to succeed.

When we met I told him I wanted to go my whole life changing a life a day for the better and asked him to change mine! HE DID JUST THAT and he has also adopted my same passion for life changing results. Watching this big strong tough guy tear up reading everyone's emails makes my whole year!

I can’t wait to finally have you on board with us. We will give you weekly workouts, nutrition tips, and be right by your side until you get the results you want! No more gimmicky crap! If you are looking for a place to “eat whatever you want and never workout to lose weight” system THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! If you are ready to eat right, cut the crap, and get the results you’ve never been able to achieve…

THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! We are in the gym right now just waiting for you! Everyday, turn your computer on and see all of your LWDD friends making strides daily with you! THIS IS A SAFE ZONE of encouragement and a wealth of knowledge so you CAN’T FAIL!!!
CLICK NOW! Let’s finally make it happen!!
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